Transportation and Location

We are ten miles northeast of Princeton, Illinois, approximately a mile and a half off of Route 34. We are north of I-80, South of I-88 and West of I-39.

We are 114 miles southwest of downtown Chicago, an approximately 2 hour drive. We are 75 miles from the Quad Cities. We are 61 miles from Peoria.

There are 4 Amtrak trains daily to and from Union Station in Chicago to Princeton. The time for a trip ranges from one hour and forty-five minutes to two hours, and a coach ticket may cost  $14 one way, but check with Amtrak as fares can change at any time.  If you provide advance notice, we can put you in touch with community volunteers who are willing to drive your group from the Amtrak station to the glenhagen farm retreat, an approximately 15 minute drive.

Driving Directions

We are located in the country outside of the town boundaries of any town. GPS and other internet devices have frequently guided people many miles away from our address. The only sure way to find the camp is to follow the following directions:

Route No. 1 from the Chicago Metropolitan Area Via I-88

  • Take I-88 West and exit at I-39 South
  • Go South on I-39 through a large windfarm.
  • Exit Rte. 34 Turn right and head West on Route 34 towards Mendota
  • Continue on Route 34 through the town of Mendota and then through the town of La Moille.
  • At 2650 E, turn right and head north. There is a sign at 2650 E that indicates that by turning right and heading north you are heading towards Van Orin
  • At the first street, which is 2300 N, turn left and at the first driveway, turn right. Follow the driveway around the corn field to the house in the woods.
  • The address is 25821 2300 North Ave, Princeton, Illinois.


Route No. 2 from the Chicago metropolitan area Via I-55 to I-80

  • Take I-55 going southwest
  • Exit at I-80 and take I 80 west.
  • Exit at Exit number 73, which is for Plank road
  • Take Plank road northwest through Cherry
  • As you pass by Cherry, Plank Road will intersect North Main Street, also known as Route 89. Turn Right on Route 89 and proceed northwest into Arlington.
  • Immediately after you cross the railroad tracks in Arlington, turn left on Jay Avenue/CR-12
  • Jay Ave takes you west as you drive along the north side of the tracks. Jay Avenue becomes 2200 north
  • When you come to Route 34, turn right on Route 34, go just a few yards, and then turn left and go north on 2650 E
  • Go one mile north on 2650 E to 2300 N, which is the first road where you can turn left.
  • Turn left on 2300 North and go west to the first driveway on your right, which is our farm.
  • The address is 25821 2300 North Ave, Princeton, Illinois.


If you insist on taking a chance of following a gps or internet based device, the address which seems to have a better chance of success on google maps is: 25821 2300 North Ave., Princeton, Illinois. The address which seems to have a better chance of success on iPhone maps is: 25821 2300 North Ave., Malden, Illinois. However, before trusting your device, enter the address and look at the destination and confirm that it brings you to 2300 North Ave. between 2650 E. Street to the East and 2550 E. Street to the West.

25821 County Rd 2300 N
Princeton, Il 61356